What we do


Project managers, technicians, and designers work closely together to ensure the unique implementation and smooth execution of the idea. We know all printing technologies, we understand various production techniques. We are constantly working on a wide range of projects. We offer a full design services.

Exhibitions Stands

Working with us, means making every effort to make your company appear smoothly and effective at exhibitions. By evaluating your expectations and goals, we are able to offer you the best solution in concept, design, and construction, based on your budget.
We use unique beMatrix constructions to build stands, which allow us to install walls, floors, ceilings or even furniture from the same elements.

Events Branding

We create, produce, sell and rent a wide variety of decor items for events. Illuminated pylons, plastic cubes, platforms, various photo walls, volumetric elements and much more.

Office Space Decor

The office represents your business and extends its identity. Logos and other graphics in spaces, reference systems, glass partition graphics, various kinds of textiles, or plant walls are just a few ways to turn your office into a business card for your business.

POS Decor

Without being creative, in shops, supermarkets, or service showrooms, you will not get attention. A beautiful print layout is no longer enough. The discount is no longer enough. Just a good product is no longer enough. It requires an effective fulfillment of the Whole, a Wow effect, a surprise and the ability to do something that no one else has done. We are innovators. With experience, technology, field knowledge, and great taste, we will create a Wow effect, if you wish.

Transport Advertising

We print and install stickers on all kinds of transport. We use the best quality materials, which fit the technical requirements. Besides the permanent stickers installation or car wrap, we produce magnets, which are temporary or sometimes more flexible solution.

Non-Standartd Solutions
This is like a wonderland for your creative department. We'll make everything.

All kinds of printing for business.

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