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About Us

About Us

We are a team of appreciable, competent, motivated and goal oriented printing and advertising area specialists who work as a fully assembled business engine. We search for uniqueness, opportunities, possible services, technologies and means that can create value and increase competitive advantage. We don’t sleep on achievements: we treat successful work not as an achieved result but as a constantly continued, volatile process.
We are the best and most committed to work printing and visual application solutions specialists, customers partners and colleagues in their daily work. Each of them comes to us with a specific problem which we solve with pleasure: we generate idea, create design, prepare for printing, choose printing materials, print, hang, apply, install, distribute, coordinate with the authorities; etc.

INK IDEA – its visual solutions for business, its absolute responsibility for the final perfect result.


Company successfully develops and grows since its establishment in 2009 when it started to implement project “Creating business of high quality direct printing services in village area” which lasted for five years. Support for the project was received from European Regional Development Fund and funds from LR budget. After the project was finished company’s production facilities were moved from Nemėžis village, Vilnius district to the city of Vilnius and production area was expanded by nearly 50 percent. In this way company has become more accessible to its partners and customers and got an even greater competitive advantage in the market.
When working our works we don’t forget social responsibility: we participate in various support events with sponsor rights.


Mission – To be valuable strategic partner in client’s daily activities by creating added value to them based on trust, respect and high competence.

Vision – Innovative production – creative company which creates visual solutions, physical and digital products and has a strong authority in business partners eyes.

Values – Main values which we follow each day are quality and trust:

  • We value quality relationships among colleagues. We respect each other, we trust in each other, we encourage seeking, developing and we’re happy with mutual results.
  • We value quality relationships with the clients and suppliers – partners. We create relationships based on trust that everything will be done on time and qualitatively.
  • We create and sell quality products and services.


Printing, post-print and advertising production

  • Printing on a wide range of materials stored constantly. Special materials on request.
  • Printing on stickers (different types) and their application.
  • Printing on PVC banners and their hanging works.
  • Printing on flag fabrics, canvas and other textile. Installation solutions and works.
  • Printing for interior on photo wallpaper, glass, etc.
  • Production and installation of LED light boxes, outdoor and indoor signs.
  • Car advertising application.
  • Mobile stands.
  • Exclusive exhibition stands.

Printing materials – Outdoor PVC banner, interior PVC banner, PVC mash, PVC banner for illuminated advertising, paper, paper for posters, long-term sticker, short-term sticker, perforated sticker, sticker for illuminated advertising, electrostatic sticker, sticker with frost effect, transparent sticker, matted sticker, glossy sticker, canvas texture sticker, duplex sticker, canvas, flag and many others.

Printing technologies – One-piece wide format printing up to 320 cm wide. We solder banners up to unlimited size with hot air solder equipment. Printing capabilities are supplemented by plotter, laminating and cutting equipment. We have a wide assortment of custom materials on request. Please, ask pardavimai@inkidea.lt.


Design and layout services are one of the most important and integral part of services provided by INK IDEA. We use professional software for design works: Adobe package, CorelDraw program, Illustrator Draw tablet version for retina display, Blender 3D program; etc.

Nevertheless that design team is ready to offer and implement various complicated tasks; we can easily deal with less complex works, such as preparation of working files for printing; etc.

  • Creation of image and identity (logo, brand book; etc).
  • All P.O.S. works (posters, signboards, graphics of windows/showcases/floor; etc.)
  • Packaging design.
  • Presentations.
  • Vector illustrations and drawing by hand.
  • WEB banners/ TV screensavers.
  • Photo manipulation.
  • Visualizations of projects/stands.
  • Photography (reportage events photography, production photography; etc.).
  • Other, not mentioned design works (on request).

Project management

We not only produce printing but we also create a final product where we use it. Throughout our work practice we had to produce from commercial furniture to stands for photography. We are able to offer solutions to a wide range of situations. Without what we are able to do in production area – plottering, laminating, applying sticker on sheet materials, producing various stands, car advertising application – we have time to hang banners, apply showcases, apply floor stickers and install printing in all Lithuania!

We also pack printing, deliver and distribute it throughout Lithuania by courier services or through the bus shipments.

  • Management and maintenance of various advertising projects.
  • Various custom advertising solutions.
  • Commercial furniture.
  • Outdoor advertising coordination with the authorities.
  • Interior decoration.

Trusts in us

We build quality houses, we are responsible and reliable company therefore we choose partners who can guarantee us highest level services.
I choose INK IDEA because I am guaranteed with work quality; I am always calm because I know that everything will be done on time. If we lack ideas, solutions, professional INK IDEA employees always complement them.
YIT Kausta, AB
First of all, I want to describe that feeling of security when you order works: from that rapid minute you just settle in our company..:)
You quickly comprehend our business mission, principles. So in cooperation with you we have an opportunity to quickly and qualitatively perform installation of specific exhibition urgency services for various exhibitions, fairs and conferences.
4 things which make us happy: PROFFESIONALISM (stable staff), FLEXIBILITY (talk in human language and understands when it’s necessary), SIMPLICITY (don’t bother our heads for details and doesn’t ask unnecessary questions) and QUICKNESS (I have nothing to add).
Vizualaus įvaizdžio agentūra MARIVS DESIGN
When it comes to implementation of ambitious project, idea or concept development it is very important to have reliable partners. In this moment we always remember “Ink Idea” – works are done on time, with reasonable price and quality ratio and with flight! We recommend this agency for everyone who looks for the best.
UAB „Gerduva“
INK idea justifies its brand and name – they offer qualitatively solutions and implement them as flexible as feather leaving no ink stains… unless it would be an idea.
Inreal grupė
We cooperate with INK idea for many years. Company constantly provides original ideas, communicate and cooperate kindly and professionally. We hope to implement a lot of interesting projects in the future together!
Medicinos bankas
Reliable, fast and always open to innovation!
UAB Litexpo
Promptness, quality, responsibility and creativity – the most important criteria which are always implemented by INK IDEA.
Marketing manager UAB Eugesta
I feel free to recommend for those who wants human communication, promptness, quality and the first most important thing is client needs. Thank you that you are.
Scientific communication specialist UAB Royal Canin Lithuania
Speed, quality, kind communication – three things that rarely can be offered all together without any compromises. And INK IDEA can. Therefore we are great partners for several years.
Rinkodaros projektų vadovė, Knygynų tinklas PEGASAS
Always helps to find the best project implementation solution. Company that you can trust and entrust even the most thorough works. We are happy cooperating with this company.
We work a lot with outdoor advertising and I am surprised with Ink Idea talent to make works qualitatively, fast and at a reasonable price.
Rinkodaros departamento vadybininkė, Aljansas AIBĖ, UAB


How much does your services costs?

Every service is calculated individually according to your needs. Therefore you need to write to info@inkidea.lt and we will calculate prices of your requested service.

What printing size of canvas can you offer?

We have solid canvas of 1.5 m wide and the length of canvas can be any. Therefore we can print from small to very big canvases and to add them on the under frame.

Do you work only in Vilnius?

Although we are located in Vilnius, but we perform printing installation works in all Lithuania. We also can deliver printing to a foreign country on request.

Do you produce printing yourself?

Yes, we produce the biggest part of printing products ourselves. We have 4 industrial printers and we take care of wide format printing ourselves.

Could you print 5x2 m size poster?

We gather that you need not a poster but a PVC banner from your request. Can you specify? Depending on location of the banner we complete it accordingly (prepare hanging rings; etc.).

Does banner eyeleting cost additionally?

No, banner completion is included in sq. m. price.

Can you make one piece banner 10x10 m?

Yes we can. Although width of banner roll is 3.2 m but we have a hot air solder equipment which makes it possible to make unlimited size banners.

Could you print a big banner (2x2m) in one week?

We can print 2×2 m banner in 10 minutes so if you send us a file for printing today, banner will be prepared in a few hours.

Does the printing price depend on how many colours will be in the mock-up?

Whereas we are mixing 4 colours (CMYK), it is not important how many colours will be in the mock-up, the price will be the same.

Is excel file suitable for printing?

No, excel file is not suitable for printing. File must be in TIF format.

Why I see bright colours in the computer but on the prints colours looks fainter?

In the computer you see RGB colours and we print with CMYK colours. They are less intense that the ones you see on your computer.

Can you cut out the sticker that there is no background but only letters?

Yes, we have a plotter which allows us to cut various shapes, letters, numbers; etc. from the sticker.

What are your liability limits?

UAB “INK IDEA” doesn’t take responsibility for the quality (including but not limited to measurements and colour mismatch, missed design elements) of products in case if graphic printing file was prepared/ submitted not in compliance with requirements and recommendations described below. INK IDEA, UAB employees doesn’t check content of printing files and doesn’t take responsibility for design, language or grammatical errors which are transferred to the final product.

What are the requirements for files preparation for printing?

CMYK colour pallet; File format – TIF; Preferred ICC profile U.S.WEB.COATED (SWOP), no additional ICC profiles attached; All file elements must be in one layer, skew and grouped into one object; File printing area must be marked continuous outer gray frame (“crop marks” – wrong way); Black colour formatting: C70% M60% Y60% K100%; If there is an important colour it is necessary to provide CMYK colour code. Other file formats (ex. PDF, AI, CDR, PSD) is not suitable for digital printing. Their conversion to suitable formants can’t always ensure data file completeness, integrity and adequacy. All such file preparation works, i.e. conversion to suitable formats with the clients consent can be made for additional fee using the liability limitations listed above.

Contact Us

UAB Ink Idea

Address: Dariaus ir Girėno g. 34A, Vilnius
LT-09312 Lithuania

Company code 302545714
VAT code LT100005753319
B/A AB Swedbank LT06 7300 0101 2680 1258

To get a price quote, please contact us by email info@inkidea.lt and our project managers will contact you shortly.
We work every day from 08:00 till 17:00. Under separate agreement we can work longer and on weekends or holidays. We have printing house in Vilnius but printing installation works are performed in all Lithuania.